PARISIAN YOUTH for Highsnobiety

Shot in August in Vincennes, France. 

Photographer: Antoine Duchamp
Models: Harry & Henrique
Stylist: Gemma Bedini

“I wanted to show the vibe of this new generation of urban teenagers,” photographer Antoine Duchamp says of Highsnobiety’s latest in-house FW16 editorial, appropriately dubbed “Youth.” Shot on the streets of Paris, this new image set is all about gender-vague styling and a broad, eclectic palette of pieces.

“The clothes provided by Gemma [Bedini, the shoot’s stylist] are also showing a more open mindset that this new generation is coming with, redefining (erasing?) the lines between genders. Henrique, Harry, Pierre, Jessie and Asler are part of the YAW collective. With various achievements in music, modeling or styling, they are providing a great group energy and a great vibe.”

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